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Worcestershire Council rules out Trimpley Green loss

May 29, 2018

We have welcomed the decision of Worcestershire County Council to reject an application to deregister part of Trimpley Green, common land near Kidderminster. The application was made to the council in July 2016, in relation to land east of the pond on the Habberley road. The application proposed to deregister common land adjacent to Crofton…

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We slate new Solihull road-scheme for neglecting walkers

March 5, 2018

We have objected to Highways England’s plans for the M42 junction 6 improvement scheme in Solihull.  The junction is between the M42 motorway and the A45 and it serves Birmingham International station. The society is concerned about the loss of public access on foot as a result of the scheme.  The proposal is for a…

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Development next to Welsh Newton common, Herefordshire

April 19, 2017

We have objected to a planning application which could have a damaging effect on Welsh Newton common in south Herefordshire. The plan is to convert the redundant Methodist chapel to provide additional accommodation to the owners of Primrose Cottage next door, and to erect a garage at Primrose Cottage. The properties are immediately adjacent to…

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We fight for Trimpley Green, Kidderminster

April 10, 2017

We have called on Worcestershire County Council to reject an application to deregister part of Trimpley Green¹, common land near Kidderminster. The application² was made to the council in July 2016, in relation to land east of the pond on the Habberley road. The application suggests that the land to be deregistered is part of…

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We call for speed limit on lethal road across common

February 27, 2017

We have joined the call for a 30-mph speed limit on the A44 road where it crosses Bringsty Common in Herefordshire.  The present speed limit is 50 mph. The current speed-limit allows vehicles to travel far too fast along this dangerous, winding road, which risks the lives of those using the tracks which lead onto…

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Shropshire’s public paths are the arteries of the countryside

August 8, 2016

‘Shropshire’s public paths are the key to people’s enjoyment of this splendid county.’ So declared Kate Ashbrook, our general secretary when she opened Clun Carnival on Saturday 6 August. Kate continued: ‘Clun is a walking hub: a Walkers Are Welcome town on the Shropshire Way in the heart of the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding…

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Herefordshire path-defender wins Open Spaces Society’s national award

July 11, 2016

Peter Newman, formerly of Kington, Herefordshire, is the first-ever winner of our prestigious Eversley Award for Outstanding Personal Endeavour. Peter won the award for his 25 years of work on public paths with offenders on Community Payback. Peter collaborated with the Herefordshire Probation Service and Herefordshire Council to install about 800 stiles and gates, waymarks…

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We call for public access to Shropshire woodlands

March 2, 2016

On Saturday (5 March) we shall call for greater public access to Weston Heath Coppice, Old Coppice and Bury Wood, at Weston-Under-Redcastle in north Shropshire. Our general secretary, Kate Ashbrook, will speak at a rally at Weston village hall, with Keith Ridland, vice-chairman of the Campaign to Protect Rural England’s Shropshire branch. All are welcome…

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Kington’s pioneer path-scheme comes to an end

February 5, 2016

After 25 years the pioneering Kington Footpath Scheme in Herefordshire has come to an end.  The scheme was invented and run by Peter Newman, our trustee and north-west Herefordshire local correspondent, with Herefordshire Council and the Hereford Probation Service. Offenders on Community Payback worked with Peter and the council to install about 800 stiles and…

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Dismay at Derbyshire’s cuts to the rights-of-way service

November 11, 2015

We are disappointed that Derbyshire County Council is likely to go ahead with its proposed cuts to the rights-of-way budget, following a controversial consultation in the summer. These cuts could result in the loss of up to three staff and the extension of target times for resolving path complaints, so that it could take up…

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