Gift Membership


Are you looking for a gift or present idea that is personal, unusual and now more than ever will give the satisfaction and enjoyment that comes from helping a dynamic, campaigning charity?

By gifting an Open Spaces Society membership you will be helping to protect commons, village greens, open spaces and public paths in England and Wales which have been especially vital to our well-being during periods of lockdown. We want everyone to be able to appreciate access to their outdoors into the future.

With the gift the lucky recipient will enjoy

  • A full 12 months subscription (or lifetime)
  • Three copies per year of our exclusive and informative Open Space magazine
  • Access to support and information for protecting open spaces and public paths
  • Involvement in supporting an active community’s great cause
Rydal Water, Cumbria

Introducing new members is so important to us

Your gift – which will initially last for one year (or lifetime) – will not only bring pleasure to the recipient but will also help to boost our membership. The mandate and income from members are vital to our small charity – we cannot otherwise continue to support over 1,000 cases annually helping individuals, groups and communities to save their local green spaces and paths.

Individual, joint and life membership subscriptions can be gifted and start from just £33.

Make 2023 the year your gift goes further.

During the pandemic local paths and green spaces have been more vital than ever to our health—physical and mental. They have kept us fit, and often they have brought cheer when we are prey to loneliness and depression. In addition, sustainability is of ever-increasing importance and it’s up to all of us to think about the environment in everything we do. Buying gifts is an area where we have an opportunity to make a lasting difference and to reflect the things that we appreciate now more than ever.

Say no to another pair of socks or bottle of perfume and consider giving a charity gift which is environmentally friendly. Open Spaces Society gift memberships are both ethical gifts and eco-friendly gifts as they have no negative environmental impact in terms of transport, packaging, wrapping paper and the other potentially unrecyclable materials that come with a physical gift. Our gift memberships help save the environment not only as a present but also in supporting our work to protect the paths and open spaces where we can enjoy and benefit from our natural world.

If you’re looking for gifts for outdoorsy people, find out more about the eco-gift membership option available, from just £33, today.