Public footpath must be protected during Henley Regatta

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We are anxious that Henley footpath 14, on the west bank of the River Thames, should remain undisturbed during the Regatta.  The society has responded to the Regatta’s application for a licence to use the area for entertainment and to control entry.

The riverside walk

The riverside walk

The area which is included in the licence takes in the route of Henley public footpath 14.  We therefore warned South Oxfordshire District Council that, should it be minded to grant the application, it must stress to the Regatta that the public footpath must be kept clear and unobstructed, on its official route, at all times.

We are delighted to hear from the council that it has passed the message on to the Regatta’s solicitors, and that they are aware of the need to respect the footpath.  Our members will be keeping a close watch on the path during the Regatta.

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