Wycombe Rye rescue a milestone in the Open Spaces Society’s 150-year history

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‘We saved the incomparable Wycombe Rye 50 years ago through joint local and national effort,’ said Kate Ashbrook, our general secretary.

IMG_8180Kate was giving a talk to the High Wycombe Society on 15 July.

Says Kate: ‘In 1964 the secretary of the newly-formed Wycombe Rye Protection Society, forerunner of the High Wycombe Society, wrote to the national Open Spaces Society, asking for support in fighting the proposed inner relief road which was to be built across the Rye.

‘Together we campaigned, in parliament, to stop the road in its tracks. We won in June 1965 and today the Rye is as lovely, open and free as ever.

‘This is a fine example of national and local bodies working together, with local people providing the evidence of use and enjoyment of land and the Open Spaces Society giving its legal knowledge and expertise.

‘This was one of many milestones in our 150-year history, fighting for commons, greens, open spaces and public paths. But today the Open Spaces Society is needed more than ever as it faces the many threats of development on our green spaces, and the massive cuts in public funding.

‘We intend to campaign for a further 150 years, and look forward to doing so alongside the High Wycombe Society,’ Kate concluded.

The two organisations are holding a Big Picnic on Wycombe Rye on Sunday 9 August, 12-4pm. Everyone is welcome.

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