Private garage refused on Cornwall common

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The Planning Inspectorate has rejected an application from Mr Robert George to build a domestic garage on registered common land at Carnkie, Wendron, near Helston in Cornwall.

We were the sole objector to the application. The inspector, Mr Richard Holland, ruled that ‘the proposed garage, which is for wholly private benefit, will unacceptably interfere with the public’s right to access the whole of the common; this objection is decisive’. He added: ‘The proposed garage will also harm the interests of anyone wishing to exercise their right to graze and take produce from the common should they wish to do so.’

We are pleased that the inspector has upheld the public interest. We have the right to enjoy this common, and commons must not be used for purely private benefit. We suggested to the applicant that the way to proceed was to offer equivalent land in exchange to that to be occupied by the garage.

We are concerned to note that there do already appear to be unlawful structures on the site and we shall be asking the applicant to ensure that they are removed.

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