Village Greens: Protecting village greens

Under section 29 of the Commons Act 1876, together with section 12 of the Inclosure Act 1857, a person who:

    1. encroaches on, or encloses a town or village green or a recreation ground allotted by an inclosure award, or
    2. erects anything on, disturbs or interferes with that green or ground otherwise than for its better enjoyment for its proper purpose
    3. may, on the information of any inhabitant of the parish in which the green is situated, be summarily convicted by the magistrates’ court and fined at level 1 on the standard scale.

For further guidance, please refer to DEFRA (Management & protection of registered town and village greens) or GOV.UK (Manage your town or village green).

Please click here for guidance on driving and parking on your town/village green.

Whitchurch Green, Bristol, registered 2011