We remain vigilant for ancient Hertfordshire route

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We are concerned that an ancient public route at Broxbourne in Hertfordshire remains under threat from development plans by Broxbourne School.  The intention is to demolish the old school and build a new academy, with 150 houses on the old school site.

Broxbourne School has recently submitted amended plans, and the society notes that while these proposals do not include the rerouting of the old restricted byway, the school may wish to submit a future application to move it.

The society, with the Wormley Society and the Friends of Wormley Open Spaces, objects strongly to any plan which would involve moving the old drovers’ way from its historic, direct route.

The old road in Cozens Grove

The drovers’ road is now recorded as a restricted byway with rights for walkers, riders, cyclists and horse and carriage.

We are adamant that this wonderful old route must be preserved on its ancient line and protected from the development.  It is part of Broxbourne’s history and we hope that the school will take the right decision and abandon any plan to close and move the route.

The old road runs into Cozens Grove, a local nature reserve.  We are delighted that the Friends of Wormley Open Spaces have recently won a Heritage Lottery Grant to research the history of the road, and to manage and restore the grove and other local open spaces.


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