We persuade Harwich developer to provide new town green

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We have persuaded M Scott Properties Ltd to provide a town green, 160 square metres in extent, in exchange for part of a town green of the same area which it proposes to take for development.

Land to be deregistered

In July M Scott Properties applied to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for consent to remove from the register part of Dovercourt Town Green south of Harwich in Essex. The company wished to incorporate the 160 square metres of green into the residential development adjacent to the former Delfords Factory site.

We objected, arguing that the developers should provide land in exchange, and that government policy required this unless there were compelling reasons against. At first the developer resisted, and we called on the Secretary of State to reject the application unless exchange land was provided. The developer then capitulated and withdrew the application. Now the developer has resubmitted it with the offer of 160 square metres of new green within the development site in exchange for the green to be taken.

Says Hugh Craddock, one of our case officers: ‘We welcome this change of heart from the developer. The new town green will be a permanent asset to the public, especially the residents of the new development.

‘We urge developers always to offer suitable land in exchange when they wish to deregister town or village green or common land, and we trust the Secretary of State for Environment will always require it.’

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