We keep a close eye on ancient Broxbourne route

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We are keeping a close eye on the fate of an ancient route which is next to a new development at Broxbourne School in Hertfordshire.

The ancient route at Cozens Grove, to the north-west of the section threatened with diversion.

We objected to the planning application because of its adverse effect on Hoddlesdon restricted byway 40, an ancient public right of way. Despite the many objections, Broxbourne School has been granted permission from Broxbourne Borough Council to demolish the old school and build a new academy, with 150 houses on the former school site.

There are 38 conditions attached to the consent, one of which is that ‘all public rights of way routes shall remain undisturbed and unobstructed at all times unless legally stopped up or diverted prior to the commencement of the development’.

We fear that, before proceeding with its development, the school will apply to alter the route of this ancient way. We shall strongly oppose any such move—the byway is an old road, a drovers’ way, which runs in a direct line across the site and we do not want it to be shoved out of the way to suit modern development.

This route is an important part of the local history of the area, and the school should treasure it and teach its pupils about its importance, not try to mutilate it. It is a valuable route for walkers, horse-riders, cyclists and carriage drivers.

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