We fight development on treasured Picket Mead common

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Carrington Moore Estates wants to build four houses next to Picket Mead Common at Murton, Swansea, with a driveway over the common and cabling underneath it. Last December Welsh ministers rejected appeals by the company against the refusal of permission for a similar application, but the developers are trying again to get consent.

We have objected because of the threat to common land. Says our general secretary, Kate Ashbrook: ‘We have repeatedly opposed plans by the developers to forge an accessway across the common. They seem never to learn that the public has the right to walk and ride over this land and that any development on or under it needs consent from Welsh ministers under section 194 of the Law of Property Act 1925.

‘This small common is precious to the community, a true gem. We shall fight any plans to damage it.’

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