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We have appointed two new local correspondents: Brian Cowling for Bedford Borough, and Chris Smith for Lewes District in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove City.

Brian worked as a rights-of-way officer for Bedfordshire County Council and then Bedford Borough Council when it became a unitary authority.  He enjoys walking, backpacking in the UK, reading, gardening and other hobbies.  As a volunteer he recently surveyed the local public rights of way for the council.  He looks forward to pressing the council to focus on its rights-of-way duties instead of threatening to cut its small path-team still further.


Brian Cowling

Chris has been an activist for the last 40 years and since 1987 he was involved in the campaign to win the right to roam on open country.  A former member of  he Ramblers’ Association’s executive committee he is now press officer and  footpath secretary for two parishes in East Sussex for the Sussex Ramblers.  He works in Lewes as a housing-benefit consultant.


Chris Smith

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