Threat to view from South Wales beauty-spot

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We have objected to a proposed wind turbine at Garth Uchaf Farm, near Pentrych, Cardiff. The wind turbine is next to Garth Hill, a registered common. This is an extensive, breezy open space, where people have the right to walk and horse-riders enjoy permissive access. It is much enjoyed by the local population and visitors. It is a magnificent stretch of unspoilt countryside rising out of the urban valleys. The turbine would be extremely visible from here.

Cardiff Council celebrates Garth Hill in a special leaflet. It states: ‘At 307 metres, Garth Hill is the highest point in the county. It has an open, unspoilt and moorland quality commanding 360 degree views over a huge area.’ The leaflet refers to the Garth’s many qualities, including its history, ecology and views.

We feel that it would be ironic if Cardiff Council was to permit a planning application which would have a damaging effect on people’s enjoyment of this magnificent asset.

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