The greens law has changed

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The Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013 has now received royal assent. This means that, in England, it is no longer possible to apply to register land as a village green if it has been earmarked for development. However applications which have already been submitted will be processed.

Before applying to register land as a green you must not only ensure that the land fulfils all the relevant criteria but also, in England, you must check that it has not been allocated for development.

In addition, the grace period for an application to register land as a green after use is challenged has been reduced, in England, from two years to one year, although this provision has not yet come into force.

It is deeply depressing that this legislation should have come into force despite our massive efforts to prevent it. Thank you to all who backed us in fighting these pernicious measures. We shall continue to campaign for a better deal for our green spaces.

Clayton Fields village green, Kirklees. It will no longer be possible to register land such as this, which was threatened with development

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