Protect the common land at Mumbles Pier

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Swansea Council has granted planning consent to Amusement Equipment Ltd (Ameco) for the demolition of the existing storage shed and construction of a site office for Mumbles Pier.

We objected to this because not only would the development suburbanise this attractive coastal area, but it was on registered common land and any works here would require the consent of the Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development, under section 38 of the Commons Act 2006.

However, the council has informed us that it does not consider the land to be registered common. From the maps we have it is hard to tell exactly where the boundary is (and the commons registration maps were produced 40 years ago), but if the council is correct, the site office is just outside the common boundary. We have asked the council to ensure that the developer takes great care not to encroach upon the adjoining common.

The site office is part of a much larger development of Mumbles pier, foreshore and coastal strip, which has planning permission and which does affect registered common land. Therefore ministerial consent is required for all the works on the common. We have written twice last year to the applicant, Mr John Bollom of Ameco, for an assurance that Ameco will seek such consent before proceeding, but we have not received a reply, nor have we been told of an application under section 38 of the Commons Act 2006. We remain concerned.

With the help of our local members, we continue to be vigilant in protecting this important area of common land.

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