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David Howerski is our new local correspondent for the old South Herefordshire district of Herefordshire.

David Howerski

David lives in Eaton Bishop, about four miles west of Hereford.  He has had many careers, as both a parachute instructor and professional sky-diver.  For ten years he was a Drop Zone Operator on the Gower Peninsula, and in later life worked as a psychologist.  In 2018 he became a member of Eaton Bishop Parish Council and took the role of footpath officer, where he discovered the poor state of the public paths and determined to do something about it.  He is studying for an Open University Law Degree to learn more about the law of highways.

Now he will be able to put that knowledge to good use on our behalf, working with our correspondent in the old Leominster District of Herefordshire, Peter Newman.

Says David: ‘Herefordshire’s unique selling-point is its beautiful countryside and the access to it.  Physical enjoyment of our environment is crucial to our health and wellbeing.  Rural-based recreation activities are the mainstay of Herefordshire’s tourism business.  I shall do my best to preserve, protect and improve our natural assets.’


Adds Kate Ashbrook, our society’s general secretary: ‘We welcome David as our local correspondent in Herefordshire.  This is a beautiful and unsung part of the country where the paths and commons have been sadly neglected despite the efforts of the society, the Ramblers, and others.  Our work will be greatly strengthened by the addition of David to our team.

David Howerski

David Howerski

‘This area was for many years covered with distinction by Owen Morgan.  We are so pleased that David can continue where Owen left off.’

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