Our local correspondent takes action over fenced off Lewes Racecourse bridleway

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Chris Smith, our local correspondent for Brighton and Lewes, is taking action to claim the full width of a well-used and important bridleway on the South Downs near Lewes Racecourse buildings. Chris has reported that most of the bridleway past the racecourse buildings has been fenced off since June this year and comments:

Footpath sign points to fenced-off area

Footpath sign points to fenced-off area

“The part of the bridleway affected is just north of the racecourse buildings on the route that runs between Mount Harry at one end and Lewes Town Centre or Lewes Prison at the other. It used to be very wide, up to 11 metres across, and walkers were able to keep straight ahead when going to and from the prison direction.

In June 2016 the landowner erected fencing which corrals walkers and riders into a narrow strip of land which will get very churned up and unpleasant in winter, so we want to get the old, wider route put back.

This is one of the most well-used and important bridleways on the South Downs, leading from Lewes to the South Downs Way. It is wrong to herd people using it into a small space which will get churned up in winter.””

For further details, click <href=”http://restorethebridleway.info/” target=”_blank”>here. Chris is now collecting evidence to claim the full width of the route as a bridleway. If you have tried to use this bridleway or are concerned that it has been fenced off, then you can help Chris by filling in a form. Forms are available on the Don’t lose your rights of way page of Chris’s website.

Enclosed footpath

Walkers on narrow strip of land

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