New plan for unique Odiham Common

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Hart District Council has published its ten-year management plan for Odiham Common in north Hampshire. (Click to read) The plan is the result of 18 months’ work by an advisory group,(1) and a significant investment by the district council.

The 284-acre common, which is owned by Hart District Council, is a site of special scientific interest and there are rights for the public to walk and ride there. It is a mixture of wood pasture, woodland and grassland, and is much loved and enjoyed by the public.

Odiham Common

Odiham Common

Says our general secretary, Kate Ashbrook: ‘We congratulate Hart District Council for producing a management plan for the common in consultation with a wide range of organisations and individuals. It has gone through a painstaking process to ensure all opinions were considered.

‘Odiham Common is a very special place, with a great history and a wonderful, wild atmosphere. It needs to be treasured, for all to enjoy in peace and tranquillity.

‘The management plan is now published, with a workplan attached. There will be further consultation on any tricky issues, such as the introduction of grazing and fencing.

‘Hart Council has shown great leadership in this work. It has shown an excellent example to other owners and managers of common land. We wish the council every success in implementing this plan,’ Kate concludes.

1. The advisory group consisted of representatives of Hampshire County Council, Hart District Council, National Trust, Natural England, Odiham Biodiversity Group, Odiham Parish Council, Odiham Society, Open Spaces Society, Potbridge Residents’ Association, and Residents of Broad Oak.

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