Mumbles headland is under threat1 min read

Do you know someone who would appreciate a present that will help protect the future of accessible green spaces for all?

The Amusement Equipment Company Ltd (AMECO) plans to develop the headland and foreshore at Mumbles, west of Swansea.

We have objected to the planning application which includes apartments, a hotel and entertainment centre and involves deregistration of common land on the clifftop.

Not only will this development be an intrusion on the edge of the Gower Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, but it will destroy an area of unique common land. The developers claim that they will create ‘a new area of public realm’, but the term ‘public realm’ is misleading and has no clear legal meaning. In any case, they cannot just deregister a common, they have to provide suitable land in exchange and obtain the consent of the Welsh Assembly Government.

Swansea Council has a clear policy for common land. This is that ‘common land will be protected from development in recognition of its importance for agriculture, natural heritage, the historic environment and as an informal recreation resource.’

Clearly the development conflicts with that policy. In our view Swansea Council has no option but to reject this damaging and intrusive development.

The exquisite coastline of Wales should be celebrated and enjoyed for its natural beauty, not developed as an amusement park.

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