New green at Scorton, North Yorkshire

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We have congratulated Scorton Parish Council on its voluntary registration of land as a new village green.

The new village green at Scorton

The new village green at Scorton

The land is adjacent to Blenheim Close at the southern end of the village which is north-east of Catterick in North Yorkshire.  The new green adjoins the existing Jubilee Green which was registered two years ago.  The parish council succeeded in acquiring the land after many years of legal argument; it then voluntarily registered it as a green with North Yorkshire County Council.  This means that it is protected for ever and local people have rights of recreation there.

Says David Rafelt, chairman of Scorton Parish Council: ‘Open spaces are great for everyone: we all benefit from more nature in our lives.  We are lucky in Scorton that we have plenty of open space, however we must not take this for granted and we must welcome any opportunity we have to protect open spaces for future generations’.

Adds Kate Ashbrook, our general secretary: ‘We commend the parish council for electing to register this land as a village green, thereby protecting it in perpetuity and ensuring that local people have the right to enjoy it for informal recreation.

‘We urge other local councils to consider whether they can register their land as greens to give it the same protection.’

The parish council has tidied up Jubilee Green, removing rotting play equipment and redundant fencing, and pruning the trees and bushes to open up the area.

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