Lambeth Council rejects Sky One TV’s domes on Clapham Common

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Lambeth’s planning committee last night (11 September) rejected the application for a domed development on Clapham Common for Sky One TV’s ‘Got to Dance’.  The domes were erected before the planning application was even considered by Lambeth Council.  The councillors’ rejection was contrary to the officers’ recommendation of approval.

The domes, with fencing, portacabins and other paraphernalia, need planning permission because they are to remain on site for 36 days and they are only allowed for 28 days as permitted development.   The Friends of Clapham Common and the Clapham Society (both of whom addressed the meeting) and the Open Spaces Society were among the objectors.

We are delighted that the councillors rejected the advice of the officers.  Now these hideous, surreal domes will have to be removed by Monday 1 October.

However, since Clapham Common is common land we believe that, quite separately from any planning issues, the council should obtain consent for the structures from the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs under the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (Greater London Parks and Open Spaces) Act 1967.  This Act is intended to protect London commons from encroachment and it applies to temporary as well as permanent buildings and structures.

We are writing to the council to ask it to seek such consent.

Says Jeremy Clyne, a local member of the society:  ‘The planning committee was right to take this stand after these huge commercial structures, visible from far and wide, were put up in a blatant breach of rules designed to protect our open spaces.’

Domes on Clapham Common

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