Go-ahead for development beside Swansea common

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We are disappointed that Carrington Moore Estates, in which the former Welsh rugby captain Andy Moore has an interest, has obtained planning consent for development adjoining Picket Mead Common at Newton, Swansea.

The battle has raged over many years, but finally Carrington won its appeal to Welsh Ministers against Swansea Council’s refusal of planning consent. The consent is for four dwellings and associated works and the partial demolition of Picket Mead House.

Picket Mead Common is a gem, a small open space which is treasured by the community.  The public has the right to walk and ride here.  The development will tower over the common and spoil people’s quiet enjoyment of it.

We believe the housing will require the construction of a driveway over the common.  That cannot be done without the consent of the Welsh Environment Minister under section 38 of the Commons Act 2006, a process quite separate from planning permission.  We trust Carrington Estates will apply for consent and not proceed with any works unless the consent is obtained.  The Open Spaces Society is notified of all such applications and we can say now that we shall oppose it.

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