Improved scheme at Whitwell Common, Norfolk

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We are pleased to have won improvements to a scheme, proposed by the Whitwell Common Trust, to fence part of the common near Reepham in Norfolk.

Where the fence will go.

Where the fence will go.

The trust proposed to fence the common to enable the fen habitat to be grazed by livestock, in the interests of biodiversity.  The society was concerned that the fencing would be permanent and asked for the consent to be limited to 15 years so that its efficacy could be reviewed.  It also wanted there to be more access points on the road which runs between Reepham and the Fakenham Road.  The public has the right to walk and ride over the whole common.

After an exchange of correspondence, the trust agreed to make the changes proposed by the society.  We feel this is a good compromise, which will enable the common to be grazed for the benefit of its flora and fauna, without impeding public access.  We are grateful to the trustees for making these changes.

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