Harrogate Borough Council backs down on Stray plans

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We warmly welcome Harrogate Borough Council’s decision to drop its plans to extend and expand the use of Harrogate Stray for commercial activities.  The Stray is a historic green space at the heart of the town.

The council was proposing to extend beyond 35 days the number of days on which events could be held, and the maximum area for an event beyond 3.5 hectares, the current limits in the Harrogate Stray Act 1985.  The society was among the many objectors.

Harrogate Stray

Following a public consultation period, the Council announced that there was no clear majority for change.  It stated that it would take time to assess the outcome of the consultation, having received many thousands of comments and suggestions.

We are delighted that the many objections to these proposals, including one from ourselves, have forced Harrogate Borough Council to understand the strength of feeling against the commercialisation of such a wonderful open space.

However, it is important to remain vigilant, since the council has hinted that it may make some changes to the use of the Stray for temporary events, based on comments made in the consultation.  The Open Spaces Society remains resolutely opposed to any changes to the Harrogate Stray Act which has stood the test of time in protecting this unique area.

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