Go Ape gets go-ahead at Lever Park

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Chorley Council has given retrospective consent to Adventure Forest Ltd for a Go Ape development in the historic Lever Park at Rivington in Lancashire.  The consent is for two zip-wire landing sites in the park which were constructed without the necessary planning permission.

We opposed the development because it conflicts with the Liverpool Corporation Act 1902.  This gives the public ‘free and uninterrupted enjoyment’ throughout the park, and affects a public right of way and land to which the public has access rights.

Says Kate Ashbrook, our general secretary:  ‘We are appalled that Chorley Council has given the go-ahead for this ugly and intrusive commercial development, which conflicts with the legislation under which this park was designated.  Chorley Council should be upholding, not undermining, the provisions of the Liverpool Corporation Act 1902, which are to protect the park as an open space for quiet public enjoyment.

‘Furthermore, the development affects public rights of way and public-access land.

‘We believe that Adventure Forest Ltd will be submitting a further retrospective application here and we are supporting our member, the Friends of Lever Park in opposing its plans,’ Kate declares.

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