Bucks councils recognise value of Local Green Space

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We are pleased that Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils have recognised the importance of Local Green Space in their new joint local plan.

The councils have advocated that where land is proposed for removal from the green belt, the joint local plan will consider whether additional planning controls are appropriate, such as protection as Local Green Space.  Although the society does not support removal of land from the green belt, it is relieved that something is being offered in its place.

The councils also ask communities to nominate green areas of particular importance, to be protected in the local plan as Local Green Space.

The Open Spaces Society has been urging planning authorities to designate land as Local Green Space to ensure that it has a measure of protection.  It has also called on government to clarify the designation—what it means and how it can be made.

We are glad that Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils are promoting the idea of protecting land by using the Local Green Space designation, and hope that other councils will follow their example.IMG_3800

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