Blocked path reopened at Charlcombe, Bath

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A blocked path at Valley View Road, Charlcombe, near Bath has been reopened, following pressure from the society.

Supporting a local member, we mobilised the local councillor and the Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) Council’s parks department and public rights of way department. The path, which leads to the allotments and a local football pitch, has been used by villagers for more than a century.

Several years ago the landowner put up a locked gate and filled in the path with debris, but it was eventually reopened at the end of October. This means that local residents no longer have to make a 100-yard detour up a very narrow and dangerous country lane.

Says John Ives, our local correspondent for BANES: ‘We were delighted to assist our member in getting this important path reopened, for the use and enjoyment of all. The society exists to fight such cases on behalf of local people.’

Our member is now considering whether to claim the path as a public right of way.

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