AGM 2014

We held our AGM on Tuesday 8 July 2014 at Friends’ House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1

Looking to the Future

Our outgoing chairman, Tim Crowther, proposed the annual report and his remarks to the AGM, entitled Looking to the Future, can be read here.

Following the AGM the trustees elected Graham Bathe as chairman and Phil Wadey as vice-chairman. Steve Warr continues as treasurer.

Pippa Langford addresses our AGM

Pippa Langford addresses our AGM

We were delighted to welcome Pippa Langford from Natural England to our AGM.

We recently welcomed Pippa’s appointment as Commons Principal Specialist for Natural England and she spoke to the AGM about her new role. Read her talk here.

In the afternoon, once the formal business of the AGM was concluded, we ran two concurrent workshops:

Neighbourhood planning overview and how to save your open space, led by our Case Officer Nicola Hodgson. Her presentation can be downloaded here.

Countdown to 2026, completing the path map, led by trustee Phil Wadey. His presentation can be downloaded here.

This was followed by a session during which members were invited to give short talks on their campaigns. We were delighted to hear from the following:

Getting Decent Widths in Path Diversion Orders from Chris Beney

Coldham’s Common, Cambridge from Chris Smith, Friends of Coldham’s Common

The Definitive Map – or NOT – Unrecorded rights of way in Warwickshire from Brian Lewis

Protecting Haven Green Common, London Borough of Ealing from Will French, Friends of Haven Green

Thames Path – the Maidenhead missing link from Dave Ramm.

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