Wormley nature reserve saved

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The nature reserve in Wormley, south of Broxbourne in Hertfordshire, has been saved from demotion.

Broxbourne Borough Council, in its draft Local Development Framework 2011-2021, threatened to remove the Top Field and Cozens Grove local nature reserve from the green belt, which would have laid it open to development. After lobbying by local people, the council backed down and the nature reserve is to remain in the green belt.

Friends of Wormley Open Spaces

Friends of Wormley Open Spaces

We congratulate the Friends of Wormley Open Spaces on their success. The Pre-Submission Core Strategy of Broxbourne’s Local Development Framework states that Wormley’s open space will remain in the green belt and be protected from inappropriate development.

Says Doreen Parsonage, chairman of the Wormley Society: ‘We rallied our members to fight this terrible threat, and are overjoyed to have saved our green space for everyone to enjoy.’

The 5.7-hectare nature reserve at Wormley is a valuable local asset. The society and other residents united to form the Friends of Wormley Open Spaces and rescued the land about three years ago, after it was threatened by a golf-course development. Then the Friends succeeded in getting the land designated as a nature reserve and the path through it was recognised as a public right of way.

Last year, Wormley Open Spaces won a Green Pennant award for the Top Field and Cozens Grove Local Nature Reserve. This award is to recognise and reward the best green spaces in the country which are managed by voluntary groups.

Last November, members planted 200 whips to make a boundary hedge and have succeeded in renewing its Green Pennant status for 2010.

Further information about the Green Pennant award is available from Keep Britain Tidy,: Click here

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