Please help us to continue our work to protect common land, village greens, open spaces and public paths, and the public's right to enjoy them by supporting our appeals:

Lockdown Spaces Appeal

One of the outcomes of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent restrictions to our way of life has been that local green spaces have been more vital than ever to our health—physical and mental.

In response to this crisis we launched our charters for open spaces in England and Wales.  We called on government and local authorities to equalise provision of local green spaces and for communities to act to save them.

Our small society has received more pleas for help to save open spaces than ever before.

Responding to these requests will cost us more money and more staff time.  If you or your friends and family have ever found pleasure, comfort or relief in green space, please give to our Lockdown Spaces Appeal.  You will be enabling us to continue our fight to protect those spaces which we treasure and need—now more than ever.

Legal Fund - Defending commons, green spaces and paths

Some years ago the society set up a legal fund with a simple and vital purpose—to fund legal action by the society and its members in defence of commons, green spaces and public paths.

Over the years our successes constitute a solid body of useful decisions which will stand us in good stead.

Please help us to replenish the fund so that we can continue to support essential legal cases in town and countryside.

We've been busy! In case you missed them from our social media, here are some recent campaign success stories we wanted you to know about.

We have also been updating how we present our technical fact sheets on the website so that you can more easily access and benefit from the expert advice they contain.  See example here and visit our Information Hub for more.

We will claim gift aid on your donation if we already hold a completed gift aid application from you for all past and future payments.

For further information on our appeals, please contact the office on 01491 573535 or by email.

Give Now Online

We are always very grateful for any donations we receive from members or non-members, to help us in our work to protect and conserve common land, village greens, open spaces and public rights of way.

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Please also consider leaving the society a legacy in your will. For further information on donating or leaving a legacy, please contact the office on 01491 573535 or email us.