We fight threat to Brent River Park, Ealing

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We have objected to an application to erect a massive leisure centre with residential development and other proposals on the edge of Brent River Park in Ealing.

Inauguration Brent River Park 1974. Colin Miell

The site is on the existing Gurnell Leisure Centre and the application has been submitted by Be:Here Ealing Ltd, which has connections with Ealing Council.

We are concerned that the development will tower over the beautiful, tranquil Brent River Park and blight it. The park is a vital haven for local people, where they can enjoy safe and tranquil recreation close to home. It is also a nature conservation site, through which runs the Capital Ring long-distance path around London. The development would destroy the peace and would lead to increased traffic and pollution, putting walkers and cyclists at risk. The wildlife and its habitats would also suffer.

Tranquillity – Brent River Park summer 2020. Colin Miell

Says Kate Ashbrook, our general secretary: ‘We believe that this is the wrong place for a development of such massive proportions. Brent River Park was created in 1974 to provide a safe and green haven for local people and to preserve the natural history of the area. This development would put this splendid park at risk. We urge Ealing Council to reject the application.’

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