We fight proposed development on Powys common1 min read

Do you know someone who would appreciate a present that will help protect the future of accessible green spaces for all?

The society has objected to a planning application for a dwelling, garage, workshop, driveway and associated works on and adjacent to a common near Erwood in Powys.

Mr Richard King of Skreen Cottage, Llandeilo Graban, has applied for the development with no mention of the fact that the land affected is a registered common, The Skreen, CL25.

The Skreen development site Google street view

Google street view of the development site

The society, in objecting, has pointed out that any such development would be unlawful unless the application had consent from the environment minister to deregister part of the common and provide suitable land in exchange, under section 16 of the Commons Act 2006.  The society is supporting the representations made by Claire Lewis of Powys County Council’s commons registration department.

Says Kate Ashbrook, our general secretary: ‘It is deeply regrettable that the applicant failed to point out that the land is registered common, where the public has the right to walk and commoners have the right to graze sheep, cattle and horses.  Indeed, on his form the applicant claims that it would not result in the loss of public open space, which is wrong.

‘Besides being unlawful without the relevant commons consent, the development will be an eyesore on the common and will interfere with people’s rights there.

‘We trust that Powys County Council will reject the application if the applicant does not withdraw it first.’

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