We back Whitstable campaign group’s call local green space

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We have backed our member, the Whitstable Beach Campaign, in its call for Whitstable Beach in Kent to be designated as a Local Green Space in Canterbury City Council’s Local Plan.  Very few such spaces have yet been designated under the government’s National Planning Policy Framework, but we believe that Whitstable Beach fulfils the criteria and should be protected.

Says Paul McNally, acting chairman of the Whitstable Beach Campaign: ‘While we are pleased that the council proposes that Whitstable Beach should be awarded the designation of ‘protection of existing open space’, we feel it deserves more.  The beach seems to fit the requirements for a Local Green Space.  It is close to the community it serves; it is of particular local significance as one of Whitstable’s defining landmarks; it is an urban beach which serves the locality in many ways; and it is special to the local community.’

Adds Kate Ashbrook, our general secretary: ‘We have written to Canterbury City Council to support the Campaign’s submission, because we believe that the beach is vital to the community.  It is a much-loved open space which should be protected for all time.’

The closing date for submissions is Friday 30 August 2013.  The link is here.


Whitstable Beach

Whitstable Beach


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