Waltham Forest Council skimps on path width

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We have criticised Waltham Forest Council for failing to show the full width of a public path in an order to add the route to the definitive map of public rights of way. We believe that the applicant for the path produced evidence to show that the full width should be shown on the official map.

In 2007 local people submitted evidence that the footpath between Woodstock Road and Hale End, Walthamstow (E17), should be added to the map, since they had used it for at least 20 years without being stopped or asking permission—the criteria for claiming a path. The council took many years to process the claim and has at last made the official order, but with insufficient width.

Says Dennis Tilley, our member who has backed local people in their claim: ‘We are dismayed that the council has continually got this wrong. Local people want to be able to use the path to its full width for ever.’

Adds Kate Ashbrook, our general secretary: ‘This is a missed opportunity to get the full path shown on the map. The land which is not shown could lose its highway status. We have asked Waltham Forest Council to withdraw this order and to remake it showing the full width, so that the path as a whole is safe from encroachment and can be enjoyed by all.’

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