Threat to Bowland

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The environment secretary has approved a plan to erect a temporary meteorological mast on Whit Moor Common in the Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Lancashire.

The mast is 50 metres high and its purpose is to assess the wind levels on the moor, as a precursor to building 20 wind turbines there.  Because the mast is on common land, the applicants, Community Windpower Ltd, need consent under section 38 of the Commons Act 2006.

We opposed the mast because it will be an eyesore in this grand, open landscape.  It will interfere with people’s right to walk over the commons. 

Furthermore, the mast is the precursor to 20 wind turbines which would be unacceptable on this exposed and highly-visible hillside in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty—so it is pointless to erect a mast which is solely related to the application for turbines.

Other objectors were the Friends of Eden, Lakeland & Lunesdale Scenery, Roeburndale Parish Meeting and two individuals.  The mast has consent for a maximum of three years.

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