The fight to stop green-belt solar farm

17 February 2015

We are backing our member, the Mawdesley and Heskin Solar Farm Protest Group, in its fight against a solar farm in the Lancashire countryside.

We are objecting to plans from M S Power Projects Ltd (MSP) for a solar farm on green belt land at Heskin, about a mile south of the town of Eccleston.

Mawdesley & Heskin Cows

The solar panels will occupy 60 acres (the equivalent of 34 football pitches) and will interfere with public footpaths. They will also be a blot in an attractive area of green belt. Peaceful farmland will become an industrial site.

This is an attractive area criss-crossed by public paths. These are valuable routes taking people between the villages and out into wider countryside. The panels will destroy at least two of these footpaths and spoil people’s enjoyment of other nearby routes.

When the planning application is submitted to Chorley Borough Council the society intends to make a robust objection.