The Fight For Beauty

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The Fight for Beauty - Reynolds

In her newly-published book, The Fight for Beauty, Dame Fiona Reynolds, writes about the things that really make life worth living – a vision for our environment, our society and our future.

Dame Fiona, a former Director-General of the National Trust, offers a path to a better future for us all.

Her book can be purchased from Oneworld Publications and is available to members of the Open Spaces Society at a 20% discount by entering the code BEAUTY20 at checkout.
The Fight For Beauty is a remarkable book: passionate, persuasive and brave.’
Robert Macfarlane

‘A fascinating story told by someone who has lived and worked at the heart of the struggle for more than 30 years… This deeply inspiring book needs to transform the government of Britain.’
Adam Nicolson, author of Sea Room

‘Fiona Reynolds writes with clarity, wisdom and passion about a subject in which she has few if any peers. It is an important story in which she argues convincingly that, while Britain of course needs economic progress, the human spirit needs beauty every bit as much. At its heart, her book is a warning against thoughtless depradation authorised by policy-makers who ignore or dismiss this fundamental truth. Despite her forebodings, however, Reynolds is an optimist who believes that we will wake up before it is too late. If so, her masterly cri de coeur will prove to have been an invaluable inspiration.’
Jonathan Dimbleby

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