Ten-point plan for candidates in Westminster election, May 2010

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We published our ten-point plan for candidates in the general election, and asked them to sign up to it.

Action plan
1. A right of appeal, and a requirement to provide suitable alternative land, before public open space is taken for another purpose

2. Law change to give county and unitary authorities a duty to take action against unlawful works on common land

3. Legislation throughout England and Wales to enable people to reclaim ‘lost’ commons for the common-land registers

4. A timetable for processing town and village green applications, so that legitimate applications are swiftly resolved (and mischievous ones swiftly rejected)

5. Requirement to include on planning-application forms questions about the existence of public rights of way, common land and town or village green within or adjacent to a proposed development

6. Law change to require an independent review to protect users’ rights when there is an opposed order to gate an alleyway, and to prohibit the use of permanent gating orders

7. Repeal of the provision for seeking changes to footpaths and bridleways in the magistrates’ court, as this is intimidating and costly to members of the public

8. Swift implementation of the new English coastal route and associated access land (the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009)

9. Greater use of agricultural subsidies to secure new rights of public access, and ensure existing public paths are not obstructed

10. All public paths in England and Wales recorded, open and easy to use, with a formal definitive list of all public highways, from roads to footpaths.

The following MPs support our manifesto, in whole or part:

Alok Sharma C
Alun Michael L
Andrew Turner C
Caroline Lucas Green
Christopher Chope C
Dave Anderson L
Desmond Swayne C
Grahame Morris L
Karl McCartney C
Marsha Singh L
Martin Caton L
Nia Griffith L
Nick Smith L
Norman Lamb LD
Peter Bottomley C
Richard Harrington C
Robert Walter C
Stephen Gilbert LD

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