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Chadderton Field, Newcastle, wins village green protection

February 3, 2011

We have congratulated the Friends of Chadderton Field on the successful registration of a new village green. The green is in the Chapel House area in the City of Newcastle. Newcastle City Council, the registration authority, agreed on 1 February to register the land, which consists of a grassed area. The application was made on…

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Yeadon Banks Green still undecided following appeal court ruling

December 22, 2010

The application to register five acres of treasured open space known as Yeadon Banks, on the outskirts of Leeds, as a town green is still not decided following a Court of Appeal judgment on Monday (20 December). Read the judgment here Mr Doug Jones, of Keep Yeadon Banks Green (KEYBAG) applied in 2004 to register…

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We warn parish council against skate bowl on green

November 23, 2010

We have warned Liss Parish Council that it is unlawful to construct a skate bowl on the registered village green at West Liss in east Hampshire. The green is within the boundary of the South Downs National Park. The society has written to the chairman of the parish council to explain that such a development…

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High Court judgment puts many greens at risk

November 23, 2010

Today Mr Justice Morgan delivered judgment in the High Court on the case of Markham and Little Francis village green at Weymouth in Dorset.(1) Read it here The judge has determined that the land should not have been registered as a green, and has directed that it be removed from the register, thus laying it…

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Open Spaces Society fights gating order for Hove path

October 14, 2010

The Open Spaces Society,(1) Britain’s oldest national conservation body, has opposed Brighton and Hove Council’s plan to make a gating order for Farman Street, Hove. (2) The council wants to lock people out of the street between 9pm and 8am, claiming that the route is associated with crime and anti-social behaviour. Says Kate Ashbrook, the…

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Thanet open spaces win reprieve from sale

August 5, 2010

Thanet District Council in Kent has resolved not to sell off the Chine at the Western Undercliff in Ramsgate, and to reconsider the other proposed asset disposals. The Chine is an immensely important site, for public enjoyment and for wildlife. We are thrilled that Thanet District Council has recognised its public value and resolved to…

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Greens review rejected by experts’ gathering

July 12, 2010

The national seminar on common land and town and village greens on 1 July, at the University of Gloucester, rejected the notion of a wholesale review of the laws for the registration of new greens. Kate Ashbrook, general secretary of the Open Spaces Society, proposed the motion This seminar believes that little change is needed…

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Ten-point plan for candidates in Westminster election, May 2010

June 6, 2010

We published our ten-point plan for candidates in the general election, and asked them to sign up to it. Action plan 1. A right of appeal, and a requirement to provide suitable alternative land, before public open space is taken for another purpose 2. Law change to give county and unitary authorities a duty to…

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Warlingham village green wins protection

May 18, 2010

A new village green has been registered in Surrey and saved from development.   The green, known as The Back Green, is in Sunnybank, near Warlingham.  We have congratulated the applicant Lee Fishwick, and those in the community who supported the application. Surrey County Council, the registration authority, agreed on 16 December 2009 to register the…

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Thanet’s plans to sell off open space

May 14, 2010

We have deplored plans by Thanet District Council to sell off open spaces, which will be discussed at an extraordinary cabinet meeting on 20 May.  The cabinet will hear from members of the public on its ‘potential asset disposal sites’ and will take a decision on the sell-off at a later date. There are plans…

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