Public rights of way blocked in 32,000 places

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We’re shocked that walkers are finding public paths in England and Wales blocked in nearly 32,000 places—that’s one obstruction every four and a half miles, and they are getting worse.

As Britain’s oldest national conservation body, we’ve been campaigning to protect footpaths, bridleways and byways – as well as other open spaces – since 1865, and it’s frustrating to see the growing abuse and neglect of the path network.

However, we’re proud of our history of always fighting back – which is just what our brilliant staff and volunteers have been doing.

In this BBC article, our local correspondent Lucy Wilson explains how she’s been campaigning for five years to get Cornwall Council to make one of her local paths accessible.

And in this interview with BBC Farming Today, our general secretary Kate Ashbrook explains why money spent on paths provides such an excellent return for the public’s health and wellbeing. Local authorities must invest in them and fulfil their legal duties.

You can find out more about what we do to protect public paths – and get involved – on this page.

Featured image: Dave Lowe

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