Public Right of Way to Crinnis Beach at Carlyon Bay

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There is to be a Public Inquiry on Tuesday 10th June 2014 starting at 10.00 a.m. To be held in the Council Chamber at St Austell One Stop-Shop, 39 Penwinnick Road, St. Austell PL25 5DR.

Cornwall Council has already found that this right exists, to mean high water mark. However, objections to this small, but vital, beach end section have been made by the landowner GMV Nine Ltd. This triggered this Public Inquiry.

Gloria Price, who is a co applicant, stated “I am delighted that the remainder of the right of way to Crinnis Beach is to be heard on 10th June. This thoroughly scrutinised application was started in January 2003, and has inched its way down the hill towards Mean High Water Mark and the sea. I would like to thank all involved and in particular the Open Spaces Society”

This application was made, in order to correct a mapping error on the previous application that dates back to 2003. Contra to statements made by the landowner’s Solicitors, it has absolutely nothing to do with the development. It is a fact that planning permission exists for 511 permanent homes on the beach, it is entirely up to the landowner if and when they wish to proceed.

If anyone is interested in giving evidence of use of this right of way, would they please report to the Inspector at 10.00 a.m. on Tuesday 10th April as above?

Why is this important?
1) Access to all beaches is important for all, locals and tourists alike
2) Safety to evacuate casualties from the beach and the sea
3) Financial, as rights of way and beach access, bring money into the area with many businesses being supported, such as housing, hotels, campsites, Bed & Breakfast, shops and employment
4) To keep the centuries of custom that is our heritage
5) Health and recreation, which have recognised benefits.

Why a right of way better than a permissive route?
1) Anything other than a right of way is permissive, i.e. it can be closed at any time to anyone by the landowner as it is with their permission.
2) The existing permissive route to the beach involves 82 non compliant steps with no resting places to break falls. This excludes by design all those who cannot negotiate down and then up them with their accompaniments
3) Dogs are a natural accompaniment on rights of way, but of course can be banned on permissive routes over private land, by dog bans.

Why is it important to come and give your evidence?
1) Because it can be listened to and questioned and for that reason it gives more weight than a written statement, it is a live history
2) Because the landowner has made a statement that they have already applied to the Council for a stopping up order and that they will continue to do so
3) To show the strength of the numbers of people who have walked this right, to the Inspector on the day of the Inquiry. Although we do have several witnesses who have already confirmed their attendance, it is good to show usage beyond the evidence already submitted, on the 10th June.

If anyone is interested in giving evidence of use of this right of way, would they please report to the Inspector at 10.00 a.m. on Tuesday 10th June as above.

Media Release Immediate – Gloria Price 25th April 2014 Contact Telephone 01726 816066
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