Outdoor groups blast Stowe School’s golf course plans

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We are challenging Stowe School’s golf course plan.

With the Bucks, Milton Keynes and West Middlesex Ramblers, we have objected to the posh public school’s scheme to move its existing north Bucks golf course onto land crossed by public paths, and have submitted our objections to Aylesbury Vale District Council, the planning authority.

The proposed golf course will be slapped down right on top of public paths. There are three bridleways and four footpaths either crossing the site or in its immediate vicinity. The enjoyment and safety of walkers, riders and cyclists will be severely affected.

This is a tranquil and beautiful part of Bucks, where people should be able to exercise their rights peacefully in unspoiled countryside. Indeed, flying golfballs so close to those enjoying public highways may constitute a public nuisance.

We commend the submission from Buckinghamshire County Council’s strategic access officer. As highway authority, the county has a duty to protect the rights of path users and it has urged the district not to grant permission for this golf course in its current form.

Says our general secretary, Kate Ashbrook: ‘Stowe School with its arrogant motto “I stand firm and I stand first” (Persto et Praesto) should rethink its proposals and decide not to stand firm in pursuing this obnoxious application. As a leading public school it should set an example by respecting the rights of the public to enjoy the public paths’.

‘So our message is: Stow it Stowe and withdraw your plans,’ Kate concludes.

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