Our new campaigner in Buckinghamshire’s former Chiltern district

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We have appointed Aidan Harris as our local correspondent for the former Chiltern district in Buckinghamshire.

On behalf of the society, Aidan will champion public paths, and commons, greens and other open spaces in his patch.  He will respond to proposals to alter the routes of public paths and advise the society and its members on matters relating to paths and open spaces.

Our new local correspondent, Aidan Harris. Photo: Aidan Harris

For the last ten years Aidan has worked in international human-rights law.  He grew up near Chesham and knows the area well.

Aidan’s interest in the conservation of the Chiltern area began a few years ago when he wrote a history of Chartridge village, tracing the land back over nine centuries. The research was published earlier this year by the Bucks Archaeological Society.  He is also a trustee of the Chesham Society, and a volunteer for Buckinghamshire Council’s Local Heritage List project to nominate places of local heritage significance.  He has researched and nominated more than 60 unlisted buildings and other historic sites for the list.

Last year he applied for a right of way to be added to the official map of public paths, on the basis of long use and historical research.  He is also researching new driveways constructed over registered common land, without the necessary consent.

Says Aidan: ‘I am pleased to be able to represent the Open Spaces Society in the old Chiltern district, as I enjoy researching information and making representations to defend our heritage, and I have legal skills to apply to the role.’

Adds Kate Ashbrook, our general secretary: ‘We are delighted to welcome Aidan as our new representative for Chiltern district.  His knowledge of local paths and open spaces will be invaluable.’

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