OSS again recommended as appointing body to National Trust Council

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The Open Spaces Society is a current appointing body to the National Trust Council. A ballot is held every six years for the election of 26 organisations which will have the right to appoint someone as a member of the Council. Our appointee is Beverley Penney who has done an excellent job for us.

We are delighted that the Council has recommended that the society be put forward again as an appointing body when members vote on this prior to the National Trust’s AGM in November. We hope that members of the society, who are also members of the National Trust, will vote for us to continue as an appointing body.

Without the Open Spaces Society, there would be no National Trust. Our founders in 1865 were the trust’s founders 30 years later. The society made a significant contribution to the trust’s work and landholdings, helping it to acquire many acres of common land through appeals and donations.

Today we still share a strong focus on the unique common land of England and Wales – one quarter of the trust’s landholding – its enjoyment by the public and its management for all. Because of our expertise, the trust consults us on the care of its commons. We also campaign for green spaces in town and country, and went to enable everyone to enjoy open space close to home – principles we inherited from Octavia Hill, the pioneer activist whom we shared.

As an appointing body, we bring expertise on, and enthusiasm for common land, village greens, open spaces and public paths, and we can advise and contribute to the trust’s vital work in these areas.

Full details on how to vote are included in the National Trust AGM notice sent to all members, and also available online. Members can vote by post or online using the security code in the AGM notice. The closing date for votes is Friday 2 November.

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