No land swap at Mynydd Lliw Common

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An application for the exchange of common land has been rejected by the Welsh Government. DKT Planning Associates applied on behalf of Mrs Elizabeth Jones and Mr Ieuan Mainwaring to swap 1,200 square metres on the north-east side of Mynydd Lliw Common, Grovesend, Swansea, which is close to residential properties for a similar-sized area some distance away to the west.

We objected because the land to be taken out of the common is relatively close to residential properties and therefore can be enjoyed by those living there. The replacement land was some distance away, and appeared to offer no benefit to the public.

The applicants argued that the existing common was enclosed and not used for grazing. They also said that they wished to effect the exchange in order to build a bungalow on the land, but Swansea Council has refused planning consent.

Mr Stephen Jones from the Welsh Government reported that the officers from the Welsh Government’s Planning Division who visited the site were unable to gain access to the exchange land from Alltygraban Road, and it was not accessible from the common land which it adjoins.

Mr Jones concluded that ‘I am not satisfied that the exchange would be just and reasonable in relation to those who would have a legal right of access to the land being offered in exchange as well as those with rights of common.’

There are rights to walk and ride over the whole common and the exchange land had to be accessible by walkers and riders, which it is not. We are delighted that the application has been rejected. An application to enclose the existing common was refused in 2006 but the part of the common proposed for exchange appears to have been enclosed in any case. We shall write to the applicants to ask them to make the existing common accessible to walkers and riders as it should be.

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