Mountain-top wind factory

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We have welcomed the recommendation from Swansea’s planning officers to reject the application from N Power Renewables Ltd to erect 19 wind turbines on Mynydd y Gwair Common, a beauty-spot eight miles north of Swansea..

Swansea’s planning committee meets on Thursday (21 January) to determine the controversial application.

We are delighted that the officers are recommending to the committee that the application be thrown out.  This is an open hillside with spectacular views.  It is common land where people have the right to walk and ride unimpeded.  The turbines, amounting to a wind factory, will desecrate this lovely area.

Says our general secretary, Kate Ashbrook: ‘If the wind turbines were to be built, a vast chunk of land would be taken out of the common and, although land would be given in exchange, it would inevitably be inferior.

‘It’s like cutting a hole in a Persian carpet— you cannot compensate for that by providing another bit of carpet.

‘The application is opposed by numerous organisations and individuals, national and local, statutory and non statutory.(1)

‘The people of Swansea and far beyond are urging the councillors to follow the officers’ recommendation and reject these damaging proposals,’ Kate concludes.

1. The objectors include the Countryside Council for Wales, Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales, West Glamorgan Commoners’ Association, Ramblers Cymru, Save Our Common Mountain Environment, Swansea Civic Society, Brecon Beacons Park Society, Gower Society, Nick Bourne AM, Edwina Hart AM, Dai Lloyd AM, Michael Caton MP, the Betws Mountain Preservation Group and many town and community councils.

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