Mixed decisions on Hackney Marshes developments

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We are pleased that plans by the London Borough of Hackney to site a car-park on Hackney Marshes (East) have been refused, but concerned that a pavilion and car-park on Hackney Marshes (North) have been allowed. The Planning Inspectorate has determined applications for these works on common land, on behalf of the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, following a public inquiry in June.

The objectors to both applications included the Open Spaces Society, the Hackney Marshes User Group, the New Lammas Lands Defence Committee, the Save Lea Marshes Group, Sustainable Hackney and other organisations, as well as local residents.

The inspector, Susan Doran, has decided that the East Marsh car-park would harm the landscape and public access to the area, and therefore she refused it. However, she considered that the pavilion and car-park on the North Marsh are consistent with the use of the marshes for traditional pastimes and team sports and she has granted consent.

We consider that all these developments should have been rejected as they will blight this lovely green space. The pavilion and car-park on North Marsh will be ugly and will only serve a limited sector of the public whereas the common should be freely enjoyed by everyone.

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