Land registered as common at Teneriffe in Cornwall

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One of the pieces of land in Cornwall which we are pleased to have registered. Photo: OSS

We celebrate the decision by the Planning Inspectorate to grant our application to register two small pieces of land (0.146 hectare) situated two miles south of Mullion in Cornwall.

The land was provisionally registered as common land under the Commons Registration Act 1965, but late in the day the applicant withdrew the application and the commons commissioner refused to register the land. Under paragraph 4 of schedule 2 to the Commons Act 2006, the land became eligible for re-registration. The society’s application to the commons registration authority in Cornwall showed that the land was waste land of a manor.

The land was formerly in the manor of Predannack Wartha and is situated just north east of Teneriffe Farm. It is a remnant of manorial waste that survived following the inclosure of Predannack Wartha Common. Small in extent, it is nevertheless a welcome addition to Cornwall’s register of common land and will be protected by the provisions of the Commons Act 2006.


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