Land at Garrow Lane, Mullion, registered as common

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We have welcomed the decision of Cornwall Council to grant our application to register as common approximately 0.63 hectares of land.  The strip of mixed vegetation is situated on Garrow Lane, just south of Mullion. 

In 1968, an application was made to register the land as common land but was subject to an objection.  The applicant withdrew the application and the land’s provisional registration was cancelled. 

However, part 1 of the Commons Act 2006 reopened the opportunity to rescue lost commons which were excluded in these circumstances.  Under paragraph 4 of schedule 2 to the 2006 Act the land became eligible for re-registration.  The application made by the society provided evidence that the land is waste land of a manor, which means that it can be registered as common land. 

Says Frances Kerner, our commons re-registration officer: ‘This is an example of a provisional registration of common land, made under the 1965 Commons Registration Act, being cancelled without full consideration given at the time to the merits of and challenges to the application. It is pleasing that the land is now protected.’ 

Frances continued: ‘The part of Garrow Lane which has become protected by registration is up to 25 metres wide—a legacy of the former more extensive wastes which once covered much of the Lizard peninsula. The success of our application should ensure that it remains unenclosed for future generations to enjoy.’ 

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