Have you walked the Mariners’ Way at Lettaford, North Bovey, Devon?

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We are helping our member Sally Button over a dispute concerning the public footpath (also the Mariners’ Way) through Lettaford. This is an ancient farm at North Bovey near Moretonhampstead, Devon (postcode TQ13 8RH).

It appears that the definitive map is in error because the definitive route of footpath 6 is blocked by an ancient hedgerow and there is no evidence that anyone has ever walked that way. Residents, local farmers and a long-standing national park ranger all say that they have never known this route to be used. The definitive map needs to be modified so that it shows the route which is actually walked, which passes through the farmyard. This route is evidently the public highway and it carries the route of the Mariners’ Way.

Devon County Council, the highway authority, intends to bulldoze away the ancient hedgerow in order to clear the definitive path, and work could start next month. Sally is applying for a definitive map modification order to add the walked route to the definitive map in place of the route which is currently blocked by a hedge, in order to secure the popular route and save an ancient hedge from needless destruction. She needs 20 years’ evidence of use, without obstruction or permission. If you have walked the Mariners’ Way, you have walked the route she wishes to claim and can therefore help her. You do not need to have walked the route for 20 years yourself.

So if you have walked this route, please contact Sally so that she can send you a claim form.
email: sally.button@btinternet.com

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