Fight to save country park from devastation

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We have joined local campaigners including the Friends of Ringwood Forest in their battle to stop precious recreation land on the Hampshire/Dorset border from being carved up for mineral extraction and then becoming a waste dump.

The site, known as Purple Haze, is west of the B3081, in the Moors Valley Country Park between Verwood and Ringwood.

The society has submitted a strong objection to Hampshire County Council.

Says Nicola Hodgson, our case officer: ‘We object to this land being used for mineral extraction. This site is within the Moors Valley Country Park, which is an invaluable amenity area, enjoyed for informal recreation by the local community and over 800,000 visitors each year.

‘Local people who visit the country park use the four small car-parks, two of which will disappear. Some of the walks in the country park would also be engulfed, and the park and its users would be right next to the extraction site—which will be ugly, noisy and smelly. In time this will become a waste dump, which is equally unpleasant. It seems that there is to be no protection for the public from this devastation.

‘We urge people to object to this plan by emailing Hampshire County Council at We are delighted to learn that there are thousands of objections to this plan,’ says Nicola.

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